We are so happy to have 2nd grade teacher, Lindsay Snyder, at Anderson Elementary in Dixon, California, share her experience with Peekapak. Lindsay was among our earliest users and her thoughts and feedback have been invaluable to helping us shape Peekapak.

What was your first impression of Peekapak?

Lindsay: When I found Peekapak I was actively looking for engaging and fun lessons. The concept of teaching social and emotional learning caught my attention immediately and also being able to teach these important life skills through a common core curriculum was a great bonus. The lessons were easy to implement and the little required prep made them even better.

How do your students respond to Peekapak?

Lindsay: One of my students is diagnosed with Autism. He can be very defiant and does not always want to participate in activities. However, since using Peekapak, he has turned his behavior around. He has always struggled with expressing feelings and emotions but is making great progress due to the new vocabulary and techniques he learns from Peekapak. He is a huge fan of Peekapak and especially loves Leo the Hedgehog. I’d ask him questions like: “What do you think Leo would do if he were here?” I feel a huge part of his improvement is due to how relatable the Peekapak characters are and how much he enjoys the program.

Do you have any tips for other teachers who are just starting the Peekapak program?

Lindsay: I use Peekapak with my students during our 30 minute language block and I find it works really well. The stories are relatable and enjoyable by everyone, including me! The activities that go with the stories are aligned to the common core standards and are easy to keep track of. We, teachers, are required to teach our students so much, that we often forget about teaching life skills … but by implementing Peekapak, we are teaching these skills with ease and in a fun way that children really enjoy. This is especially important to me because I know that if I can start teaching these skills early, it will be something my students can carry on with them throughout their entire lives. I highly recommend Peekapak to all teachers.

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About Ami Shah

Ami Shah is a Co-Founder & CEO of Peekapak, an organization that is empowering the next generation of globally aware, enthusiastic, and empathetic citizens - whether learning is in-person, virtual, or hybrid. To learn more about Peekapak for your school or district, request more information here: http://bit.ly/request-info-on-Peekapak

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