Free at home learning

Free At-Home Learning for Elementary Students

With the recent turn of events and the resulting school closures, we’ve been so impressed with the number of education technology organizations offering their resources.  To help districts, schools, educators, and families, we’ve put together a list of recommended free at-home learning. Free At-Home Learning For Elementary Students Free Math Resources Prodigy: Prodigy is a free, […]

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Children’s Books that Teach SEL

The first years – preschool and early elementary school ages – are critical for social-emotional learning (SEL) development. Identifying and regulating emotions, awareness of others and self, seeing and respecting different perspectives, making friends and developing relationships, and learning to walk in someone else’s shoes (empathy), and more, are developed in these years. That is […]

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4 Guiding Principles for Early Learning & Technology Integration: Review of Official DOE Policy Brief

By Dr. Jennifer Williams, Professor for Saint Leo University in the College of Education As Peekapak founder, Ami Shah, and I set out to create an immersive and interactive session for our upcoming FETC presentation titled “Trending Topics in Early Literacy: Practices and Tools for the Early Childhood Classroom,” we sought ways to share relevant, research-based […]

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