myPeekaville: Getting Parental Consent

Getting Parental Consent for myPeekaville (Peekapak PRO users)

We’re excited for your students to start playing myPeekaville! In order for students to play, we need to ensure their parents provide consent. To easily secure parental consent for myPeekaville from parents, all you need to do is follow a few simple steps:

Asking for consent via email: 

  1. Collect your students’ parent’s email address.  If you want a letter to send home, use this one!
  2. Visit and head to the “Students + Parents” page
  3. Click on “Connect Parents” and click on the “Send All Emails” button

Don’t have parent email addresses? Print consent letters for parents to send home:

  1. Visit and head to the “Students + Parents” page
  2. Click on “Connect Parents” and click on the “Download Consent Letters” button
  3. Print letters and send home with students to request consent

Don’t have a PRO account, and access to myPeekaville?  Try it out for free here: or email us at hello@peekapak to learn how you can get PRO access to myPeekaville for your classroom!  Learn more about myPeekaville.

When parents open the email and click on the link they are sent, they will be brought to a screen asking if they would like to give consent for their child to access myPeekaville and/or receive at-home updates or if they would like to decline consent to both.


If parents give consent to both or either of the choices, they will be asked to confirm their email address.


Next, they will be shown Peekapak’s privacy policy and asked to confirm that they would like to consent.


Lastly, they’ll see a screen summarizing what they are consenting to and asked to enter their name for final confirmation. On this screen, they also have the option to change their mind and decline to give consent.


If a parent opts to not consent to both myPeekaville and the home updates, they’ll be brought to a screen confirming that they are not providing consent with instructions on what to do should they change their mind. Parents will be asked to provide their full name to confirm their decision.


Once parents have accepted or declined, you will see an update on the “Connect Parents” page. Students can not play myPeekaville without receiving parental consent so make sure to send out these emails as soon as you put in your students’ information. 

You can check which students have consent by clicking on “Students + Parents” again in the navigation bar.  A gray check mark indicates a parent’s opt-in to receive updates, and a blue check mark indicates full consent for their child’s access to myPeekaville!

confirmation of consent


Parents will also receive a confirmation email once all is complete.


If you have any questions, please click on the “Support” tab and message us or email We hope your students enjoy Peekapak and have a blast exploring the world of Peekaville!

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Ami Shah is a Co-Founder & CEO of Peekapak, an edtech startup that teaches social-emotional learning skills like self-regulation, empathy and team work in the class and home. Peekapak is backed by; Silicon Valley based accelerator, Imagine K12, the Edtech vertical of Y Combinator and; the Unreasonable Institute.