Summer Reading List: Picture Books About Courage

The school year is winding down and it’s the perfect time to begin gathering a list of picture books to read with your child this summer! Here is our list of picture books about courage.

Since Peekapak’s final unit of the school year features a story about courage (The Peekapak Pals and a Splash of Courage), we thought it would be fitting for this book list to showcase other children’s stories that reinforce the concept of courage.

There are many ways for children to show courage and many stories available to support that –from exploring the unknown, to standing up for what’s right, to showing bravery in everyday situations.

Get your bookmarks ready … here are a few of our favorite picture books to help children learn that there are different ways to be brave!

  1. Brave As Can Be, by Jo Witek – We learn courage from seeing it demonstrated by those around us. This story follows a pair of siblings, who learn that sometimes our biggest fears aren’t actually that big after all. Read more here.
  2. Not All Princesses Dress in Pink, by Jane Yolen and Heidi Y. Stemple – What’s more courageous than someone who isn’t afraid to be themselves and stand up for their beliefs? This story reinforces what all children need to remember – daring to be different is one the bravest actions of all! Read more here.
  3. Scaredy Squirrel at Night, by Melanie Watt – Scaredy Squirrel may struggle to sleep at the beginning of the story but he quickly comes up with an action plan to help him face his fear and catch some much needed Zzz’s. The humor embedded in this story’s text and illustrations is entertaining for both parents and children. Read more here.
  4. Willow’s Whispers, by Lana Button – This story follows Willow as she learns to embrace her shyness and find ways to be heard. It shows children that learning to find and use our voice is difficult and scary at any age! Read more here.

We hope this gives you a good head start for the summer! Don’t forget to check out our latest story, The Peekapak Pals and a Splash of Courage, to get your conversation about courage going! Sign up or log into Peekapak to read this digital book for free.

Have fun reading!

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