Peekapak Poster Challenge- End of Year Activity

As the 2021-2022 school year is wrapping up, we empathize with educator burnout and stress. This is why we wanted to provide an easy, turnkey, end of year social emotional learning activity that students will love – Introducing the Peekapak Poster Challenge! 

How to Participate

Help your students recognize all that they’ve accomplished and learned throughout the year through creativity.

  1. Instruct students to select a social emotional learning skill (i.e. empathy, teamwork, self regulation, etc.) they have mastered during the 2021-2022 school year
  2. Have them design a poster on what that SEL skill means to them. These can be hand drawn or made on a computer. Canva is a great tool for this.
  3. Share their creations with Peekapak on Twitter or by emailing us at

We can’t wait to see what you taught your students this year! Looking for inspiration? See some examples below.


Looking for more end of year activities? Start a free 14 day trial of Peekapak here to get access to our quick and easy lesson plans.

About Peekapak

Peekapak is committed to helping children become successful, compassionate, caring, and empathetic citizens of the world! How? By teaching children important social-emotional learning (SEL) skills so that topics like gratitude, perseverance, and respect become not just something they hear about, but a part of who they are.

We strive to accomplish this by creating a company and a curriculum that makes SEL fun, easy and seamless for teachers, parents and especially children, so that kids learn without even realizing it. Peekapak’s learning platform can be implemented in person, online or in hybrid teaching models, providing flexible solutions for all school districts.

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