Cody is still upset about the Berryball finals getting canceled. He calls Kenji on his Peekapad.

Cody: Hi, Kenji.

Kenji: Hey, Cody! Are you okay? You sound sad.

Cody: I guess I’m sad, but also mad. I was so excited to play in the Berryball finals and now it’s canceled! It’s not fair!

Kenji: I’m sorry Cody. I know you and your team were practicing really hard for it. 

Cody: Wait… I have an idea! I should call all my Incrediberries teammates and go play later this weekend. We can probably get the other team to come, too. No adults can stop us if it’s a secret!

Kenji: Uhh… Cody, I don’t think that’s such a good idea.

Cody: Why? No one on our team seems sick. 

Kenji: I’m glad, but the problem is that we could still have gotten it from someone and we’re carrying Peekaflu without showing symptoms.

Cody: But, if we don’t feel sick, then we are okay, right?

Kenji: Well… it’s not that simple. Even if I’m not coughing or have a fever, I might still have it and be able to pass it to others. It’s really important that we protect other people in our community, like my grandma.

Cody: I don’t want anything to happen to your grandma. What can I do? Should I bring her some of Saffron’s butterberry soup?

Kenji: Actually, the opposite! The best way for us to help is to stay at home and stay away from others. This is called social distancing. 

Cody: Why does that help?

Kenji: Think about a stack of dominoes. If one domino falls, they all start to fall. 

Cody: So, the dominoes falling is like people getting sick from coming in contact with each other?  

Kenji: Exactly! And what happens if you move the dominoes farther apart?

Cody: I know! I know! When they fall, they don’t hit the other dominoes. The stack doesn’t all fall down.

Kenji: Exactly! If we all stay separate for a little while, the Peekaflu won’t spread. It will stop and fewer people or animals will get sick.

Cody: Even though I really want to play Berryball, I understand that it’s not about me, it’s about we. If I am a domino, I can stay at home and do my part to make sure that I don’t get anyone sick. 

Kenji: You’re right Cody. I’m proud of you! 

Lesson 3B: Family Activity – Questions to ask your child 

  • Parents/guardians, read the dialogue between Cody and Kenji with your child(ren). We suggest you act it out or do a puppet show!
  • Ask the following questions after the dialogue:
    • Why does Kenji not want Cody to play Berryball?
    • What is social distancing? Why is it helpful?
    • How does Kenji use dominoes to explain Peekaflu?
    • What does Cody mean when he says, “it’s about we, not me”?

Lesson 3C: Scenario cards activity 

  • ‘We over me’ is the idea that sometimes we have to think about what is best for everyone in our community. Even if it is different from what we want. Cody had to choose ‘we’ over ‘me’ when he decided not to play Berryball with his friends. It was tough, but he was helping a lot of people by staying home. 
  • Read through the following situation cards with your child(ren) and discuss how you would handle each one.
  • Use the following questions for each situation to help the characters choose ‘we’ over ‘me’.
    • How is the character feeling? What does the character want to do?
    • What can they do instead? Get creative!
    • What would you do?

Download and review the Me to We Cards

  • To access the Coronavirus Lesson 3 Me to We scenario cards please download from this folder:

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