Hi friends! It’s Cody here. My family and I are still at home because of the Peekaflu (Coronavirus). Are you? Yesterday, I wore my pajamas the whole day. It was awesome! But then I felt sleepy all the time. Zzzzz!

I heard on the news that the Peekaflu (Coronavirus) is dangerous for older people. Most of them can’t have visitors and must stay in their rooms. I’m pretty lucky that I get to be with my family. I can imagine that it’s a bit lonely and scary to be alone.

I want to do something for the older people in my community. I think maybe I’ll write them letters! I could add in some pictures, funny jokes, and a cool comic. Maybe they’ll even write back and we can become peeka-pen-pals! That’d be awesome.

Will you help me write some letters?

Your friend,


7B: Questions + Letter to Elder

  • Parents/guardians, read the letter from Cody with your child(ren).
  • Ask the following questions:
    • How is Cody feeling?
    • Why does Cody want to write letters to the elderly/senior citizens?
    • What types of things can Cody include in his letter?
    • Why do letters help show someone we care?
  • Help Cody by writing a letter to a senior citizen, or elder, in your community. Use our template attached or create your own letter! Either mail the letter or take a picture and email it to a relative or to your local senior citizen center. How many can you write?
  • Take a photo/video of your child’s letter(s) and post it on Twitter (tag @Peekapak). Cody may see it and respond!

Dear friend at <NAME OF CENTER>,

My name is <FIRST NAME>. 

Include a story, some interesting facts, a joke, a picture! You choose!

I hope you are staying healthy and safe!

Your friend,


7C: What is Wise Dialogue

Dialogue: Read the conversation between Cody and his dad. Act it out or maybe even use puppets.

Cody: Dad! Dad! Dad! I sent a letter to Kenji’s granny and she sent one back to me. She’s my first peeka-pen-pal! 

Dad: That’s wonderful Cody. What does it say?

Cody:  She said that she liked my comic book and all the fun facts I taught her. 

Dad: Are you going to write back?

Cody: Yes! I’m going to teach her all of the things I know, like who the coolest superheroes are right now and…and…the best strategy for winning berryball!

Dad: Hmmm… Instead of you teaching her. Maybe she could teach you?

Cody: Huh? But I’m the one in school.

Dad: That’s true, and you’ve learned a lot there. But elders are wise. 

Cody: What does ‘wise’ mean?

Dad: Being wise means you have experience, knowledge and good judgement. Wisdom comes with age. They’ve seen a lot more, met a lot more people, and had some big life experiences. 

Cody: That is true. Kenji always says he has a lot of respect for his granny because of the life she’s lived.

Dad: Exactly! We need to respect and listen to our elders. I think we should all go to Elder School.

Cody: That’s it! I’m going to ask Kenji’s granny to teach me something or tell me a story about her life. I could become wise too! Maybe I can even interview her on the phone?

Dad: Great idea Cody. I’ll sign up for Elder School too!

Inspired by the following story (great read for the adults!):  https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/26/opinion/covid-home-school-grandparents.html

7D: Elder School Activity 

  • Senior citizens, or elders, have a lot of wisdom. They have met interesting people, visited fascinating places, and learned many life lessons along the way. 
  • Reach out to a grandparent, senior citizen from the community (get help from a parent), or your new peeka-pen-pal and ask them to teach you something interesting! 
    • Example topics: 
      • A life lesson
      • What life used to be like (a typical day, their childhood, their job)
      • An interesting story from their past
      • An observation about life today
  • Schedule a time for the activity (give them time to think about their topic!). 
  • After your activity, write down (or draw) what you learned, have your child send in their summary or picture to their teacher and take a photo and post it on Twitter (tag @Peekapak). Cody may see it and respond!
  • Write a letter of gratitude to your elder for giving you wisdom!

Download and review activity materials 

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