Our team was privileged to attend the NewSchools Summit 2018 in Burlingame, CA from May 8-9. NewSchools is an organization that funds entrepreneurs seeking to innovate and improve public education. The NewSchools Summit is an invite-only event that brings together leaders in education innovation. Attendees included educators, administrators, business leaders, and more.

For the 20th anniversary of the event, many of the sessions were focused on the future of education, and the workforce, over the next 20 years. Posing questions around what the next 20 years could look like for education, how the use of technology in the classroom and workforce will continue to evolve, which metrics will remain relevant in the coming years, and what might social capital look like as we evolve into this new stage of education.

There is a Great Inequality in Technology Availability 

Discussions at the Summit revolved around technology’s role in the classroom moving forward. As technology evolves, so will the quality and quantity of technology used in a child’s education. One important issue that came up is the digital divide that still exists in schools today. While there are many schools that have iPads in the classroom, there are also many schools that still don’t have wireless internet for their teachers to use. As important as it is to innovate with technology in the classroom, it is more important that all students are able to have access to basic technology.

Virtual Reality is Here, but not Everyone is Ready for it

Virtual Reality (VR) is something that has also begun to make waves in the educational system. VR allows for totally new and amazing ways to teach. However, many VR vendors feel that most classrooms are not ready for the technology, and it will take a long time until we see VR as a staple in public education.

Artificial Intelligence and Automation will Create Jobs, not Destroy Them

Many people fear that automation and artificial intelligence (AI) will lead to a loss of jobs. However many experts in the field believe that the opposite will actually happen. Michael Chui of McKinsey Global Institute, and Dr. Vivienne Ming of Socos Labs both think that AI will lead to many news types of jobs being created. The current, and near future, state of AI will need lots of human support in order to develop and properly use the new technologies that arise.

Dr. Vivienne Ming presents on Artifical Intelligence and how it applies to future workforce employment.


Social and Emotional Learning will Play a Huge Role 

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is becoming more prominent in schools. There were plenty of conversations about what educators can do in order to prioritize SEL, as well as academics. Moving forward, more resources will be invested into innovating new ways to to teach SEL.


So What’s to Come?

The NewSchools Summit 2018 taught us that by 2030, half of the jobs done will be jobs that don’t currently exist, and current elementary students will be entering the workforce.  We have to continue to develop and enhance early learning in order to best prepare children for the future.

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