We’re excited to announce it is time to join our #TreeofGratitude Challenge for the month of November. The challenge is easy to get involved with, open to ALL (New users, Basic and Pro) and has many exciting prizes, including a Grand Prize of two $100 Visa gift cards!

The #TreeofGratitude Challenge

Our challenge invites classrooms to share their ideas of gratitude with the Peekapak Pals. Expressing gratitude, especially during unprecedented times like these, can help students be more optimistic and cope with unexpected challenges.

There are 3 activities for the #TreeofGratitude challenge. You can do 1 or all 3 activities and each activity completed will give you entries for the Grand Prize of two $100 Visa Gift Cards! For each entry make sure to tag us @Peekapak and include the #TreeofGratitude on your entries!

Join our #TreeofGratitude challenge

The #TreeofGratitude is a yearly tradition in the world of Peekaville, where all the characters of Peekapak live. Every year upon the first snowfall, the residents of Peekaville gather around the tree to write messages of gratitude onto tags and hang it up on the tree. This serves as a reminder to be thankful for the people, places, and things in our lives, through the good times, as well as the bad.

This challenge brings to life this experience and we hope you can get involved! Below you’ll find more details on each of the activities, the prizes, and how to enter:

Activity 1: Letter to Cody  

For this activity, read The Peekapak Pals and The Tree of Gratitude with your students. In this story, the Peekapak Pals are in a grumpy mood, but a surprising turn of events helps them realize that there’s a lot in this world for which to be thankful.

After reading the story, read the Letter from Cody, have your students write a class letter back to Cody sharing their ideas on practicing gratitude. 

To access the story and the Letter from Cody, head over to Peekapak.com to create a free account (or log in if you already have an account). After signing in, go to lesson one of the ‘Gratitude’ unit where you will be able to access the book, as well as the Letter from Cody.

Entries: This challenge will give you one entry for the Grand Prize!

Activity 2: Gratitude Tags 

After reading the Peekapak Pals and the Tree of Gratitude, we learned that we can be thankful for many different things. We can be thankful for people, like how Cody was thankful for his friends, we can be thankful for places, like how Lucia was thankful for the sky, or we can be thankful for things, like Mr. Baker’s bread. 

For this challenge, have your students create gratitude tags. On a piece of paper, have students write down and/or draw any one person, place or thing they are grateful for. 

Students can print out the tag here or create their own gratitude tag! 

To submit your response, have all your students hold up their tags to their webcam and send us a screenshot (student’s faces are not required). If you are teaching in person, send us a picture of their tags! 

Entries: This challenge will give you two entries for the Grand Prize!

Activity 3: Class Letter of Gratitude

For the last challenge, have your class play together Lesson 5 of our special COVID-19 focused Kahoots and write a class letter of gratitude to someone they consider a superhero in your community! Superheroes don’t have to be just healthcare workers, other examples include, but are not limited to, writing to a teacher, teacher’s assistant, police officer or firefighter.

Tip: If teaching virtually with access to a polling feature, for the classroom letters, consider creating a poll of different options that the students can choose from so that there is an agreement on who to write to or what to say! 

Entry: This challenge will give you three entries for the Grand Prize!


For the #TreeofGratitude challenge, there are three tiers of prizes.

The Grand Prize will be two $100 Visa gift cards (perfect for the holiday season!), along with one of the following items: sticker sets, a print copy book set (3 books) or a life-size Peekapak Pal cardboard cutout.

The second prize will be two $50 Visa gift cards (perfect for the holiday season!), along with one of the following items: sticker sets, a print copy book set (3 books), or a life-size Peekapak Pal cutout.

The third prize will be one $50 Visa gift card (perfect for the holiday season!), along with one of the following items: sticker sets or print copy book set (3 books).

How to Join our #TreeOfGratitude Challenge

Join our #TreeofGratitude Challenge by sending us a photo of your classroom’s response via Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram by tagging @Peekapak and using the hashtag #TreeofGratitude. You can also email us your response at hello@peekapak.com.

For bonus entries:

  • Follow @Peekapak on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  • Entries through Twitter, Facebook or Instagram will get a bonus entry.
  • Each retweet of your post by a friend/fellow teacher will receive a bonus entry, and for each friend or teacher you tag on Instagram you will also receive a bonus entry.

On November 30th, 2020, when the challenge ends, we will be randomly picking winners and will direct messages or email our winners (please make sure that you are following us so we can message you for the prize).

We’re so excited to hear your classroom’s ideas on practicing gratitude and we hope you enjoy the story and lesson.

With gratitude,

Ami & The Peekapak Team

About Ami Shah

Ami Shah is a Co-Founder & CEO of Peekapak, an organization that is empowering the next generation of globally aware, enthusiastic, and empathetic citizens - whether learning is in-person, virtual, or hybrid. To learn more about Peekapak for your school or district, request more information here: http://bit.ly/request-info-on-Peekapak

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