Social emotional learning or SEL is a top priority for many schools and families. This article will share ideas for incorporating SEL into everyday activities for the classroom or home.

incorporating SEL

SEL Peace Corner

Create a Peace Corner in your classroom as an area for students to go to when they feel angry, down, or just need a moment to themselves. Include “calming” elements like noise-cancelling headphones, music, and books. This is a great and easy way to encourage students to practice self-regulation and calming techniques.

SEL Emotional Check-ins

Having emotional check-ins with students is another technique for incorporating SEL that can help them practice identifying their emotions and learn how to manage them. This could be a great activity to include in morning meetings. It can also give educators a better understanding of how students are feeling and can help them identify potential issues.

Feelings Check-in Tool
Feelings Check-in Tool

Peekapak offers a digital tool to help students practice this daily check-in. To learn more about this tool and how you can use this data to support student well-being, check out our article on Peekapak’s Feeling Check-in Tool.

Looking for a technology-based program to teach empathy and other social-emotional skills to elementary aged children? Look no further than Peekapak! Peekapak is an award-winning, social-emotional learning (SEL) platform that helps educators with incorporating SEL into everyday activities. Peekakak uses engaging lessons, stories, and digital games in the classroom and at home. Developed by education experts, Peekapak’s innovative curriculum teaches skills like gratitude, empathy, and self-regulation using literacy, reading, and writing-based learning curriculum.

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